Focus: Originality/Timing/Lighting  "Harnessing the power of Mother Nature." 

“I love nature and the work that goes into being in tune with the elements; I push myself to do my best to line up these elements when the lighting and moment feels its most intense.  Almost every time I am out in these spots at these times I am the only human in sight.  With nobody else around the nature is usually its most beautiful which to me symbolizes integrity."

"I started with film photography around the age of 13, developing my own film and working in the dark room. It took me a long time to give into the digital era of photography.   I love working with both film and digital now.  I do not manipulate my images, I use standard post processing that I could do in a dark room and that keeps the photography authentic to me.  Some locations work better in color but I will always have a true love for black and white photography."

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